Yim Cheng

I was very grateful you & your team were with us from the morning of the event taking care of the nitty gritty though. You and your team were very professional and cooperative in accommodating to most of our requests. Master Chef is a unique exercise and was able to capture many things associated with our business world. Whatever we do will have an impact on the bottom line, the best tasting food doesn't necessarily earn the most overall profitability. All in all, our team had a great time and until now, they're still talking about the nice & exciting weekend we had together. Btw, I believe you took a lot more pictures from morning until late night right? Can you please share with us? Thanks.


Jane Lai

I am very impressed with your company since our first company event in couple of years back at Putra Marriot Hotel. You have consistently exceeded our expectations by being very reliable, meeting our demand and provided us with excellent services. You have a team of dedicated and experienced staff that is very proactive, understands our need and never fails to deliver great services to us. I am very satisfied with your services and grateful to M.I.C.E Hubs Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.


Udo Scheiner VP / GM Asia Pacific

In case you have to organize some future events like p club or similar type company events like launches, etc., you may want to consider working with Konrad and MICE travel.Konrad, MICE travel, just recently organized a very nice and special trip to Malaysia for me, where I was impressed about the professional, perfect, fast and effective organization of all logistics from A to Z required.I thought, such company might be of value to know for you, too



I was impressed with the work by MiCE Hubs Travel and Tours despite having some doubts in the beginning due to unfamiliarity.I appreciate the detailed attitude and quick action in all the responses which is very crucial to ensure a smooth and successful event.In future, I would definitely considerate working with them again!


Ben Taiwan

Your team very well arranged, presided over the meeting appropriate Recreational activities: as much as possible to avoid lying to sit on the ground.In addition, If I consider the more time to then better entertaining edutainment.The first night seafood dinner Wataru is so surprisingly rare. There is few in Taiwan at least.


Aida Abdul Gani

Feedback given as overall is very fun, different from normal training concept. The training content does meet the requirement related to project such as below details. Although is short period but it was fun and enjoyable. Your company provide good and clear information plus service and well organize.We look forward for more training programmed from you soon.



I found you and your organization very welcoming and efficient in the way you managed the meeting at the G Hotel. From my perspective, everything went well � which is what we like! Everyone was extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you again for your involvement in this meeting.


K R Rajesh Operations Director

Thanks and wishing you and family too a very happy and prosperous new year.The recent team building event for Dutch Lady Operations division was a very successful and satisfying one in many aspects. MiCE team did a fabulous job in coordinating all activities within a very short span of roughly 2 weeks. The team building section on Day1 brought out the key messages we wanted to convey to build a strong and ambitious team of fantastic individuals. All other aspects such as transportation, stay, food etc were well taken care of. The response from my team was overly positive. Overall, it helped us to set the right tone to meet the stretch targets for 2014. Thank you.